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Насколько велик был Серхио Рамос?

После 16 периодов, 22 призов, 671 видеоигры и 101 гола капитан клуба Серхио Рамос прощается с Actual Madrid.

A contemporary terrific with the Merengues along with Spain, the protector’s prize haul consists of 4 UEFA Champions League titles, 5 Ligas, UEFA EUROs 2008 and also 2012, and also the 2010 FIFA Globe Mug.

Отметьте его успех, поскольку центральный защитник Рамос планирует выйти на новые поля.

Что они утверждают

” Ramos does not shock me. It’s what he has — a huge individuality. He’s constantly there, constantly motivating gamers and also he never ever drops his guard. He never ever quits.”

Зинедин Зидан, предыдущий инструктор Actual Madrid

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смотреть sergio ramos & #039; Финальный гол лиги чемпионов-2014

Смотрите последний гол Серхио Рамоса в Лиге чемпионов 2014

” There are protectors with remarkable technological capability, others have special protective high qualities– like[Fabio] Cannavaro, fantastic at noting. Others, like[Franco] Baresi, can regulate a back line while others affect with solid individualities. Factoring every little thing with each other to examine a protector after that Sergio Ramos is the most full. He’s obtained a little every little thing: technological capacity, toughness, character as well as management.”

Карло Анчелотти, тренер Реала

” He protects well, can play, as well as handles all aspects of the video game. He’s a really total footballer.”

Тьяго Силва, защитник Челси

” Sergio Ramos is the hardest challenger I have actually met. He is really solid, has a great deal of experience, as well as is an extremely affordable gamer.”

Впереди Луис Суарес, Атлетико Мадрид

” You intended to handle the globe. You were simply a child when you showed up and also I’m so happy with every little thing you have actually accomplished. You’re permanently among the best tales of Actual Madrid.”

Фактический глава мадридского государства Флорентино Перес

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Рамос вспоминает свои финальные голы в 2014 и 2016 годах

Рамос наслаждается своими последними голами 2014 года и 2016 года

Сборная: 180 образов, 23 гола

Конкуренты клубов УЕФА: 138 образов, 18 голов

На самом деле также совершил 6 выездов в Мадрид в клубе FIFA Club Globe Mug, забив 3 цели.


Севилья и Реал Мадрид

- Его перевод в размере 27 миллионов евро из Севильи в Мадрид в 2005 году, когда он созрел19, по-прежнему является платой за документ для молодого человека из Испании.

- На самом деле Рамос реализовал 17 последовательных проектов Лиги - документ для защитника. Он забил 13 голов по всем направлениям за Мадрид в сезоне 2019/2020 - индивидуальный идеал для уединенного периода.

– Component of an elite team of protectors to have actually racked up in 2 various European Mug finals, Ramos is the just one to have actually done so in the UEFA Champions League age. His strikes in the2014 and also2016 finals, both versus Atlético, placed him along with Tommy Gemmell(1967,1970) as well as Phil Neal(1977,1984).

– His added-time equaliser in the2016 UEFA Super Mug versus boyhood group Sevilla implies he has actually racked up in the finals of the UEFA Champions League, FIFA Club Globe Mug and also UEFA Super Mug. Tolerable for a centre-back!

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историк рамос на трех подряд

Фон производителя Рамос на 3-м прямом


– Ramos came to be Spain’s youngest complete global for55 years when debuting 4 days prior to his19 th birthday celebration, which he after that noted with a very first affordable beginning– in a2006 Globe Mug qualifier versus Serbia as well as Montenegro.

– He was a routine as Spain won UEFA EURO2008, the2010 Globe Mug and also UEFA EURO2012; he put on a Tees remembering his ex-Sevilla team-mate Antonio Puerta, that dropped dead in2007, when commemorating both EURO success. He put on Puerta’s No15 tee shirt for Spain( rather than his No4 for Madrid).

– With David de Gea selected in advance of Iker Casillas, Ramos captained Spain at UEFA EURO2016 as well as continued to be captain up until he was forgotten for the2020 finals team.

- Рамос превзошел документ Касильяса о 167 играх за сборную Испании в ничьей 1: 1 в октябре 2019 года с Норвегией на всем протяжении ЕВРО-2020; Кроме того, он стал самым результативным европейским игроком, когда он достиг 177 (в настоящее время 180) матчей в ноябре 2020 года против Швейцарии, затмив итальянца Джанлуиджи Буффона.

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Рамос размышляет о достижении 100-го гола за "Реал Мадрид"

Ramos reviews100- объективный поворотный момент подлинный Мадрид

Что вы не можете понять

– The protector leaves Madrid as their most respected recipient of red cards, having actually been rejected a club-record 26 times in all competitors. He was sent in a document 5 Clásico video games, most lately as Barcelona won 3-2 in the Spanish resources in2017.

– His document19 th Liga red card showed up versus Athletic in December 2017, going beyond the 18put together by both Xavier Aguado and also Pablo Alfaro. He has actually considering that gotten to 20 sendings-off in the Liga; at the same time his termination versus Manchester City in the2019/20 round of16 was his 4th in the UEFA Champions League.

– Ramos is not familiar with charity job as well as in 2014 was selected among Spain’s nationwide ambassadors to UNICEF.

у серджио рамоса довольно большая коллекция татуировок

У Серхио Рамоса скорее есть коллекция татуировок © Getty Photos

– Keen on body art, he has 4 tattoos on his fingers– the numbers35,32,19 and also90 +. The initial 2 signify his very first 2 team numbers with Sevilla;19 is the number he initially put on for Spain; as well as90 + represents his stoppage-time equaliser versus Atlético when Madrid raised their tenth European Mug in2014

– Ramos likes equines and also possesses a stud ranch in his indigenous Andalusia where he can “turn off and also delight in” himself. Among his pets, Silencio de Ramos, was announced Andalusian Champ2016; one more, Yecutan SR4, was a globe champ in2018

– He has 4 kids, Sergio, Marco, Alejandro and also Maximo Adriano; he wed their mommy, TELEVISION speaker Pilar Rubio, on15 June2019

Что он утверждает

“I rise everyday with the very same wish to maintain boosting which I have actually had because I was a child. I’m not trying to find acknowledgment. All I intend to do yearly is do also much better, neglect what we have actually won and also established brand-new difficulties. I’ll maintain going as long as the body permits it.”

” My grandpa and also papa constantly informed me that also if there’s just one 2nd left, there’s still wish. You have actually reached have that mindset; that’s constantly been the mindset at Madrid.”

“To establish an instance, you need to carry out well, strive as well as offer your all; reveal the more youthful boys so you can ask the very same of them. I’m extremely delighted to have the possibility to lead this group[Madrid]”

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смотреть пять голов Серхио Рамоса

Получите 5 целей от Серхио Рамоса

“I enjoy if I’m a good example. I assume I have actually battled as well as given up a great deal, to make sure that when I retire I can do so with my principles clear, after having won every little thing there is to win.”

“Among the most difficult times of my life has actually gotten here, to bid farewell to Actual Madrid. Many thanks to the club, you will certainly constantly remain in my heart. It brings an end to an amazing time, a special time in my life. This is simply a see you later on, due to the fact that I’ll be returning in the future.”

Что он еще может сделать

– Come to be the initial gamer to win 3 EUROs; although he lost out on UEFA EURO2020, the following event isn’t also far.

– His eye for objective implies he might end up being the very first protector to rating in 3 UEFA Champions League finals.

– Reach 150 UEFA Champions League trips? He gets on 129 today.
He additionally requires 2 even more victors’ medals to equivalent Francisco Gento’s document of 6.

– Come to be the globe’s most-capped gamer. Ex-Egypt winger Ahmed Hassan’s globe document of 184 is his following target; he presently rests on 180 looks.

Что он выиграл на Бернабеу

4 Лига чемпионов УЕФА (2014, 2016, 2017, 2018)

3 Суперкубка УЕФА (2014, 2016, 2017)

5 лига (2007, 20008, 2012, 2017, 2020)

4 Кружка FIFA Club Globe (2014, 2016, 2017, 2018)

2 Кубок Испании (2011, 2014)

4 Испанская супер кружка (2008, 2012, 2017, 2020)


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