چیمپئنز لیگ

پیرس سرجیو راموس کو حتمی شکل دینے میں کتنا شاندار ہے؟

16 ادوار، 22 انعامات، 671 ویڈیو گیمز کے ساتھ ساتھ 101 مقاصد کے بعد، کلب کے کپتان سرجیو راموس نے حقیقت میں ایکچوئل میڈرڈ کو الوداع کیا ہے اور پیرس سینٹ جرمین کے ساتھ بھی معاہدہ کیا ہے۔

A modern excellent with the Merengues in addition to Spain, the protector’s prize haul includes 4 UEFA Champions League titles, 5 Ligas, UEFA EUROs 2008 and also 2012, and also the 2010 FIFA Globe Mug.

اس کی کامیابی کو یاد کریں کیونکہ سینٹر بیک راموس بالکل نئے فیلڈز کے لیے منصوبہ بنا رہا ہے۔

جو وہ بیان کرتے ہیں۔

” Ramos does not shock me. It’s what he has — a huge individuality. He’s constantly there, constantly motivating gamers as well as he never ever drops his guard. He never ever quits.”

Zinédine Zidane، پچھلے ایکچوئل میڈرڈ ٹرینر

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sergio ramos' دیکھیں 2014 چیمپئنز لیگ کا فائنل گول

Sergio Ramos'2014 چیمپئنز لیگ کا آخری مقصد دیکھیں

” There are protectors with remarkable technological capacity, others have special protective high qualities– like[Fabio] Cannavaro, fantastic at noting. Others, like[Franco] Baresi, can regulate a back line while others affect with solid individualities. Factoring whatever with each other to assess a protector after that Sergio Ramos is the most full. He’s obtained a little every little thing: technological capacity, toughness, character as well as management.”

کارلو اینسیلوٹی، ریئل میڈرڈ کے انسٹرکٹر

” He protects well, can play, and also handles all elements of the video game. He’s an extremely full footballer.”

تھیاگو سلوا، چیلسی محافظ

” Sergio Ramos is the most difficult challenger I have actually met. He is really solid, has a great deal of experience, and also is a really affordable gamer.”

Luis Suárez، Atletico de Madrid آگے

” You wished to handle the globe. You were simply a kid when you got here as well as I’m so happy with whatever you have actually accomplished. You’re for life among the best tales of Genuine Madrid.”

ریاست کے حقیقی میڈرڈ سربراہ فلورنٹینو پیریز

پیشہ ورانہ تعداد *

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راموس اپنے 2014 اور 2016 کے فائنل گولز کو دیکھ رہا ہے۔

راموس اپنے 2014 کے ساتھ ساتھ 2016 کے آخری مقاصد سے لطف اندوز ہوئے۔

بین الاقوامی: 180 نظر، 23 مقاصد

UEFA کلب کے حریف: 138 نظر آتے ہیں، 18 مقاصد

حقیقت میں فیفا کلب گلوب مگ میں میڈرڈ کے لیے 6 دورے کیے ہیں، 3 مقاصد حاصل کیے ہیں۔


سیویلا اور ریئل میڈرڈ

– His EUR27 m transfer from Sevilla to Madrid in2005, when matured19, is still a document charge for a Spanish teen.

- راموس نے درحقیقت لگاتار 17 لیگا پروجیکٹس میں ریک اپ کیا ہے - ایک محافظ کے لیے ایک دستاویز۔ اس نے 2019/20 میں میڈرڈ کے لیے تمام محاذوں پر 13 مقاصد حاصل کیے، جو کہ تنہائی کی مدت کے لیے ایک انفرادی مثالی ہے۔

- محافظوں کی ایک ایلیٹ ٹیم کا جزو جس نے حقیقت میں 2 مختلف یورپی مگ فائنلز میں حصہ لیا، راموس وہ واحد شخص ہے جس نے واقعی UEFA چیمپئنز لیگ کے دور میں ایسا کیا ہے۔ 2014 اور 2016 کے فائنل میں بھی اس کی اسٹرائیکس، دونوں بمقابلہ Atletico، نے اسے Tommy Gemmell (1967,1970) اور Phil Neal (1977,1984) کے ساتھ رکھا۔

– His added-time equaliser in the2016 UEFA Super Mug versus boyhood group Sevilla suggests he has actually racked up in the finals of the UEFA Champions League, FIFA Club Globe Mug and also UEFA Super Mug. Tolerable for a centre-back!

پیرس سینٹ جرمین

- حقیقت میں میڈرڈ میں اپنی 16 سالہ ملازمت ختم کرنے کے بعد، 8 جولائی 2021 کو راموس کو 2023 تک ایک معاہدے پر پیرس کے لیے اختیار دیا گیا۔

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ہسٹری میکر راموس لگاتار تین

بیک گراؤنڈ مینوفیکچرر راموس 3 سیدھے


– Ramos came to be Spain’s youngest complete worldwide for55years when debuting 4 days prior to his19 th birthday celebration, which he after that noted with an initial affordable beginning– in a2006 Globe Mug qualifier versus Serbia as well as Montenegro.

– He was a routine as Spain won UEFA EURO2008, the2010 Globe Mug and also UEFA EURO2012; he put on a Tee shirts remembering his ex-Sevilla team-mate Antonio Puerta, that dropped dead in2007, when commemorating both EURO victories. He used Puerta’s No15 tee shirt for Spain( instead of his No4 for Madrid).

– With David de Gea chose in advance of Iker Casillas, Ramos captained Spain at UEFA EURO2016 and also stayed captain up until he was forgotten for the2020 finals team.

– Ramos surpassed Casillas’ document of167 Spain caps in October2019’s 1-1 draw with Norway throughout UEFA EURO2020 certifying; he additionally ended up being the most-capped European gamer ever before when he reached177( currently180) caps in November2020 versus Switzerland, overshadowing Italy’s Gianluigi Buffon.

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راموس نے ریئل میڈرڈ کے لیے 100 گول کے سنگ میل کی عکاسی کی۔

راموس نے 100 معروضی لینڈ مارک حقیقی میڈرڈ کا اندازہ لگایا

جو آپ سمجھ نہیں سکے ۔

- محافظ میڈرڈ کو ریڈ کارڈز کے سب سے معزز وصول کنندہ کے طور پر چھوڑ دیتا ہے، حقیقت میں تمام حریفوں میں کلب کے ریکارڈ کو 26 بار نظرانداز کیا گیا تھا۔ اسے ایک دستاویز 5 کلاسیکو ویڈیو گیمز میں بھیجا گیا تھا، حال ہی میں جب بارسلونا نے 2017 میں ہسپانوی فنڈنگ میں 3-2 سے کامیابی حاصل کی تھی۔

– His document19 th Liga red card got here versus Athletic in December2017, exceeding the18assembled by both Xavier Aguado and also Pablo Alfaro. He has actually because gotten to20 sendings-off in the Liga; on the other hand his termination versus Manchester City in the2019/20 round of16 was his 4th in the UEFA Champions League.

– Ramos is not familiar with charity job as well as in2014 was assigned among Spain’s nationwide ambassadors to UNICEF.

سرجیو راموس کے پاس ٹیٹو کا کافی مجموعہ ہے۔

سرجیو راموس کے پاس ٹیٹو کا کافی ذخیرہ ہے۔ © گیٹی پکچرز

– Keen on body art, he has 4 tattoos on his fingers– the numbers35,32,19 as well as90 +. The very first 2 represent his very first 2 team numbers with Sevilla;19 is the number he initially put on for Spain; and also90 + represents his stoppage-time equaliser versus Atlético when Madrid raised their tenth European Mug in2014

– Ramos likes steeds as well as possesses a stud ranch in his indigenous Andalusia where he can “turn off as well as delight in” himself. Among his pets, Silencio de Ramos, was announced Andalusian Champ2016; one more, Yecutan SR4, was a globe champ in2018

– He has 4 children, Sergio, Marco, Alejandro and also Maximo Adriano; he wed their mommy, TELEVISION speaker Pilar Rubio, on15 June2019

جو وہ دعویٰ کرتا ہے۔

“I rise daily with the very same wish to maintain enhancing which I have actually had considering that I was a youngster. I’m not searching for acknowledgment. All I intend to do annually is do also much better, neglect what we have actually won as well as established brand-new obstacles. I’ll maintain going as long as the body permits it.”

“My grandpa and also dad constantly informed me that also if there’s just one 2nd left, there’s still wish. You have actually reached have that perspective; that’s constantly been the mindset at Madrid.”

“To establish an instance, you need to execute well, strive as well as offer your all; reveal the more youthful boys so you can ask the exact same of them. I’m extremely delighted to have the opportunity to lead this group[Madrid]”

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سرجیو راموس کے پانچ گول دیکھیں

سرجیو راموس کے 5 مقاصد دیکھیں

"اگر میں ایک اچھی مثال ہوں تو مجھے لطف آتا ہے۔
I assume I have actually dealt with and also compromised a great deal, to make sure that when I retire I can do so with my principles clear, after having won every little thing there is to win.”

“Among the hardest times of my life has actually gotten here, to bid farewell to Genuine Madrid. Many thanks to the club, you will certainly constantly remain in my heart. It brings an end to an amazing time, an one-of-a-kind time in my life. This is simply a see you later on, since I’ll be returning in the future.”

“I am extremely satisfied to sign up with Paris Saint-Germain. It is a large modification in my life, a brand-new difficulty and also a day that I will certainly always remember. I am pleased to be component of this extremely enthusiastic task, to sign up with a group with terrific gamers. It’s a club that has actually currently confirmed at the highest degree with strong structures. I intend to remain to expand with Paris as well as aid the group job to win titles.”

جو وہ ابھی تک پورا کر سکتا ہے۔

– Come to be the initial gamer to win 3 EUROs; although he lost out on UEFA EURO 2020, the following competition isn’t as well away.

- مقصد کے لیے اس کی نظر اس بات کی نشاندہی کرتی ہے کہ وہ 3 UEFA چیمپئنز لیگ کے فائنل میں درجہ بندی کے لیے ابتدائی محافظ بن سکتا ہے۔

– Reach 150 UEFA Champions League getaways? He gets on 129 today.

– He likewise requires 2 even more victors’ medals to equivalent Francisco Gento’s document of 6. And also his brand-new club, of training course, are hopeless for their.

– End up being the globe’s most-capped gamer. Ex-Egypt winger Ahmed Hassan’s globe document of 184 is his following target; he presently rests on 180 looks.

اس نے برنابیو میں کیا جیتا۔

4 UEFA چیمپئنز لیگ (2014، 2016، 2017، 2018)

3 UEFA سپر مگ (2014, 2016, 2017)

5 لیگا (2007، 20008، 2012، 2017، 2020)

4 فیفا کلب گلوب مگ (2014، 2016، 2017، 2018)

2 کوپا ڈیل رے (2011، 2014)

4 ہسپانوی سپر مگ (2008، 2012، 2017، 2020)


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