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2-1 संचय स्वे पोर्टो के साथ यूसीएल सेमीफ़ाइनल में चेल्सी की सफलता

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Chelsea is one significant action better to recording its 2nd UEFA Champions League title in club background after ripping off FC Porto 2-1 on accumulation adhering to Tuesday’s 2nd leg.

चेलसिया फुटबाल क्लब @चेलसिया फुटबाल क्लब

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The triumph hands Cry a berth in the semifinals with PSG, which beat Bayern Munich on Tuesday. Currently the UCL waits for the outcomes of Wednesday’s 2nd leg in between Borussia Dortmund-Manchester City and also Liverpool-Real Madrid to identify the last 4 continuing to be clubs.

Porto may have had the ability to quit Chelsea from progressing with a various method on Tuesday at Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Arena. The Portuguese club rather concentrated on closing down any type of chances for Chelsea to contribute to its lead. That appeared penalty with cry, that showed up much more worried about maintaining the 2-0 lead they tackled the roadway than attempting to assault Porto’s protection.

That strategy maintained the suit scoreless via 90 mins prior to Porto appeared in the 93 rd min. Maybe with one more 90 mins to play, Porto’s tactical plan permits the club to remove their challenger. Rather, it’s Chelsea carrying on to the following round.

पोर्टो लक्ष्य पुलिसिक

It came to be incredibly clear beforehand Tuesday that Porto’s major objective was to guarantee it really did not obtain defeated by Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic.

Any type of chance Porto needed to crowd the midfielder, interrupt his passes or just knock him down was rapidly made the most of. Porto’s obsession with Pulisic came to be so obvious it’s worth questioning why the group really did not begin pressing for an objective previously in the suit– specifically as Chelsea’s crime presented little risk as well as Porto frantically required 2 objectives to remain to life in the event.

पुलिसिक को निश्चित रूप से केवल प्रगति में रुचि लेने की आवश्यकता होगी।

स्क्वॉका फुटबॉल @Squawka

क्रिस्चियन पुलिसिक ने एफसी पोर्टो बनाम ग्यारह फाउल जीते, जो पिछले 5 अवधियों में एक अकेले चैंपियंस लीग वीडियो गेम में एक गेमर द्वारा रिकॉर्ड किए गए सबसे अधिक टेपों में से एक है।

निश्चित रूप से क्षतिग्रस्त। pic.twitter.com/sS5pDmfsfa

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क्रिश्चियन पुलिसिक आज रात एक कुशल #UCL गुणवत्ता वाले गेमर की तरह खेल रहा है। उस टपकने की क्षमता ने वास्तव में चेल्सी पर बहुत अधिक दबाव डाला है। हर बार जब उसे फाउल किया जाता है, तो रोने के लिए सांस लेने के लिए जगह मिलती है और साथ ही उनके विचारों को इकट्ठा किया जाता है, असाधारण। #CFC #UCL #CEPOR

The outcome of Porto’s aggressiveness was tough to miss out on. Chelsea attracted 20 fouls, 5 yellow cards.

While Chelsea would certainly continue to be scoreless on Tuesday, it was still sufficient to maintain their Champions League period active. Porto placed simply 2 shots on web– one caused an objective from get Medhi Taremi in the 93 rd min– as cry left with an accumulated triumph.

तारेमी बाइक किक उद्देश्य

संभवत: चैंपियंस लीग का उद्देश्य मंगलवार को 93वें मिनट में एक वीडियो गेम में पाया जा सकता है, जो लगभग 63वें मिनट में एक विकल्प से निर्णय लिया गया था।

Yet none of that makes Taremi’s bike kick any type of much less outstanding.

सीबीएस स्पोर्ट्स पर चैंपियंस लीग @UClonCBSSports

थोड़ी बहुत देर हो चुकी है लेकिन मेहदी तारेमी

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Porto had actually obtained simply 7 shots off versus Chelsea before the objective, as well as just one of them– a weak header from Taremi that keeper Edouard Mendy captured conveniently– got to the internet. Mendy was simply a min far from his 5th successive UCL tidy sheet after permitting simply one objective all event as well as none considering that the knockout rounds started.

तारेमी ने पौराणिक शैली में उस स्पर्श को समाप्त किया, छह-यार्ड बॉक्स के बाहर खुद को स्थापित किया और साथ ही साथ नानू से 3 चेल्सी रक्षकों के साथ-साथ वेब के अग्रणी किनारे में एक क्रॉस पेश किया।

Porto hopes of duplicating its not likely Champions League title run from 2004 will certainly need to wait one more period, yet Taremi’s amazing objective must a minimum of offer an alleviation reward en route out the door.

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Chelsea wait for Wednesday’s UCL activity to discover that it’ll deal with in the semifinal round. Cry are ensured a prominent competition in either case as they prepare to encounter the victor in between Liverpool as well as Genuine Madrid

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